Parents may become overwhelmed or confused when their child’s behavior drastically changes. It is helpful to remember that children and teens experience their own types of stressors and triggers. Divorce, remarriage, bullying, grief/loss, friendships, sexuality, stress, pressure, and so much more can all affect your children, resulting in a change in their behavior.

As a parent, you want to know what is happening in your child’s life. Teenagers may be less likely to discuss their emotions and struggles with a therapist when their personal experiences are openly shared with their parents and confidentiality is broken. If your teen would like to share their progress with you, we can schedule a family session so that your child can feel safe to share their experiences with you.

Legally, I am required to break confidentiality if:

1. Your child is at a high risk for suicide. 

2. Your child is in imminent danger.

3. Your child intends to or threatens to harm the lives of an identified individual and/or group of individuals.

4. Abuse of a child, elder, or neglect is reported.